2019-04-06: Happy Birthday

Today we celebrate the 13th birthday of our Ivana!

2019-03-31: Yearmeeting DVIN

Today we went to De Bilt to receive the yearprice Best Veteran
Female DVIN 2018. Very proud of our GN Anouk Anika!

  2019-03-20: Happy Birthday!

  Today we celebrate the 9th birthday of Anouk, Lemmy and Assad.

2018-09-23: LG Siegerschau Nordrhein Essen

We entered Anouk for the veteran class. Despite the rain all day we had a nice time. Anouk was rewarded first place by judge mrs. H. Assenmacher.

2018-07-01: Clubshow DVIN.

After a long pause and simply enjoying our dogs in daily life we went to the Clubshow from the DVIN in Etten-Leur. This time Anouk was entered in the veteran class and just like her mother she was graded 1 excellent and got the title DVIN veteran Winster 2018.
As judge mrs. Ilona Onstenk was invited.

2015-09-13: Clubshow DVIN.

Today we went to Hoorn, where the Clubshow from the DVIN was held. Ivana was entered in the veteran class and she did it again, 1 excellent and she got the titel DVIN veteran Winster 2015.
As judge mr. A v.d. Broek was invited.

2015-05-03: Clubmatch Meerssen.

Kringgroep Limburg organised a show where we went to with some members of our own club. This day we entered our Ivana and our other dogs had the day off. Ivana really enjoyed showing again after her retirement and the judge Rudi Killmaier was very pleased that a veteran dog entered the ring. On his request Ivana made twice a victory lap across the showring and the public gave her a round of applaus. She got placed with 1 Excellent and the title Best Veteran. She loved it and fully enjoyed the moment. After a nice day with our clubmembers we all went home.

2015-04-26: ZTP DV Abteilung Düsseldorf

DV Abteilung Düsseldorf organised a ZTP exam. After 2 times practicing today we passed this exam with our 2 dogs Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika and Grande Noblesse Amazing Argo. Despite the fact I was very nervous they did very well. With superb comments from the German judge mr. Rudi Killmaier Anouk was rewarded with 1A V and Lemmy with 1A SG. Special thanks to Herman and Jose Visser for their support and the fact they came with us. Abteilung Düsseldorf for the perfect organisation!