2018-07-01: Clubshow DVIN.
After a long pause and simply enjoying our dogs in daily life we went to the Clubshow from the DVIN in Etten-Leur.
This time Anouk was entered in the veteran class and just like her mother she was graded 1 excellent and got the title
DVIN veteran Winster 2018.
As judge mrs. Ilona Onstenk was invited.


2015-09-13: Clubshow DVIN.
Today we went to Hoorn, where the Clubshow from the DVIN was held.
Ivana was entered in the veteran class and she did it again, 1 excellent and she got the titel DVIN veteran Winster 2015.
As judge mr. A v.d. Broek was invited.

 Picture made by Anita Buckard. Thanks Anita!

2015-05-03: Clubmatch. Kringgroep Limburg organised a show where we went to with some members of our own club. This day we entered our Ivana and our other dogs had the day off. Ivana really enjoyed showing again after her retirement and the judge Rudi Killmaier was very pleased that a veteran dog entered the ring.  On his request Ivana made twice a victory lap across the showring and the public gave her a round of applaus. She got placed with 1 Excellent and the title Best Veteran. She loved it and fully enjoyed the moment. After a nice day with our clubmembers we all went home.


2015-04-26: DV Abteilung Düsseldorf organised a ZTP exam. After 2 times practicing today we passed this exam with our 2 dogs Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika and Grande Noblesse Amazing Argo. Despite the fact I was very nervous they did very well. With superb comments from the German judge mr. Rudi Killmaier Anouk was rewarded with 1A V and Lemmy with 1A SG. Special thanks to Herman and Jose Visser for their support and the fact they came with us. Abteilung Düsseldorf for the perfect organisation!

Pictures made by Detlef Ueberbach    

2015-03-22: Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika and Grande Noblesse Amazing Argo passed their BH exam today during the Groote Maat Trofee, organised by Kringgroep Utrecht. Because it was a competition Lemmy got a price for being "Best BH dog of the day". A special thank you to the members of Kringgroep Utrecht for their support!

2013-09: Grande Noblesse Always Assad represents the breed Dobermann in  televisieshow
"Beestengeluk" (Animal hapiness).

Well done!

Picture by Marjolein!

  • 2013-09-14: CAC Krefeld
    Judge: mr. E. Deutscher

    Grande Noblesse Amazing Argo:
    Open Class Males.

    1 Excellent  CAC

  All credits go to the well known Dutch singer Anouk who put the Netherlands on the map again from the Eurovision Song Contest with the lovely killersong "Birds". But we are proud to say that our Dobermanns
Hertogin Ivana v. Olympiastaete
and Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika
participated in the videoclip "The good Life", a beautiful track on the new album of Anouk,Sad Singalong Songs.

2012-10-28: CACIB Hannover.
Judge: mr. N. Daube

Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika:
Open class Females.

1 Excellent and CAC

With this result Anouk became
German Champion VDH!

2012-10-17: Wissel.
Today we received the HD result of Grande Noblesse Amazing Argo (Lemmy): HD free!

2012-04-28: CAC Krefeld.
Judge: Mrs. D. Getzinger (A)

Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika:
Open Class Females.

1 Excellent  CAC/BOB and Rheinlandsiegerin 2012!

Grande Noblesse Always Assad:
Open class Males.

2 Excellent and RCAC.


2012-08-05: CAC Bremen.
Judge Mr. G. Roth (G).

Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika:
Open Class Females.

1 Excellent and CAC.

  • 2012-04-28: CACIB Lingen.
    Judge Mrs. H. Assenmacher.

    Today we went to the show in Lingen with Anouk and Assad.
    We had a lovely day with great  results!
    Both dogs showed excellent!

    Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika:
    Open Class Females.

    1 Excellent and res. CAC

    Grande Noblesse Always Assad:
    Open Class Males

    1 Excellent and  CAC/CACIB.

2012-04-21: Wissel.
Today Grande Noblesse Amazing Argo has returned to us. Because of private circumstances of his previous owners he could not stay there any longer. We took Lemmy, that is his name now, back and decided that he can stay with us for the rest of his life! He's one happy chap!

2012-03-16: Amsterdam.
A really nice morning in Amsterdam, we went to the filmstudios for the making of a videoclip. The girls did very well. They reacted as if they are in studios every day. Greeting the whole crew and did everything the director asked for in a split second!

I wasn't allowed to take pictures but Suzana and Vicky wanted their picture taken with Anouk and Ivana, so we went outside and they posed.

We have to wait and see how much the dogs will be used in the videoclip. That's allways a suprise!


2012-02-02: Wissel.
Today we received the HD result of Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika: HD free!

  • 2011-09-08: Wissel.

    Today we got our certificate from the German VDH. It is official now: Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika is

    German Youth Champion VDH.


2011-07-31: CAC Bremen.
Judge: Mr. P. Roosenboom (B).

Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika:
Youth Class Females.

1SG ( + VDH. anw)

2011-07-30: CACIB Bremen.
Judge Dr. R. Schill (R).

Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika
Youth Class Females.

1 Excellent (+ VDH. anw)

2011-05-01: VZH/IPO Examen Emmen.
Judge: mr. A. Stam (NL)

Grande Noblesse Always Assad passed his exam for Begleithund. (VZH/BH).

We congratulate his owner Marjolein with this good job. On their way to IPO I!

2011-02-12: CACIB Rheinberg.
Judge: Mr. E. Deutscher (A).

Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika
Youth Class Females.

1 Very Good (+VDH-anw.)

And got the title:

Rheinland Jugendsiegerin 2011!

2010-10-07: Noord-Holland.

Grande Noblesse Absolute Ace passed his puppy exam! We congratulate his owners! As reward Ace went to France for a holiday! I bet he wants to take exams every month!

  • 2010-09-11: Clubmatch Meppel.
    Judge: Mr. J. Hiddes (NL).

    Grande Noblesse Always Assad
    Baby Class Males.

    1 Very Promising and Best Baby.

    Arjen en Marjolein, Congratulations!


2010-09-05: Wissel.
All pups and owners came back to us for a nice day together. We enjoyed watching the kids from Ivana play and enter the showring for the first time. Our friend Wendy was judging the pups. After showing we all enjoyed the barbeque. As soon as possible I will put some pictures on our website.

2009-07-04: CACIB Echt.
Judge Mrs. M. Vermeire (B).

Hertogin Ivana van Olympiastaete
Champion Class Females.

1 Excellent and CAC/CACIB.

With this result Ivana became

Dutch Champion!


  • 2009-06-21: KCM Trimunt.
    Judge: Mr. D. Christensen (DK)

    Hertogin Ivana van Olympiastaete
    Champion Class Females.

    2 Excellent and RCAC.

    Floyd von Adel Stolz
    Open Class Males.

    3 Uitmuntend.

  • Special thanks for Wendy this day who as always helped perfectly!

    (photo made by Mario van der Pol)


2009-06-01: CAC Arnhem.
Judge: Mr.  D.J. Baars (NL)

Hertogin Ivana van Olympiastaete
Champion Class Females.

1 Excellent and RCAC.

Picture made by N. Timmermans-Kadenko
2009-05-10: CAC Alkmaar.
Jugde: Mr. J.R. Douma (NL).

Hertogin Ivana van Olympiastaete
Champion Class Females

1 Excellent and CAC.

2009-03-15: Utrecht.
Judge: Mr. F. Tichelaar.

Today Ivana passed her VZH/BH exam.


 Picture in collage made by R. Brandse

2008-07-12: ZTP Groningen.

Floyd von Adel Stolz passed his ZTP with 1B SG.