Italian Champion Argo

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Dutch and German Champion Hertogin Ivana v. Olympiastaete

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First and second week.

The first week has past. The puppies are growing fast and all doubled their birth weight. Ivana is a lovely and proud mother who takes such good care of them. After 6 days we clipped their nails for the first time, we don't want them to hurt Ivana.

Third week.

The puppies are growing fast and are curious for the world. They started walking and love to play with the toys.

Fourth and fifht week.

We had some lovely weather and the puppies went outside. One big adventure and a lot of fun for them and for us ofcourse. Ivana loved it to be outside with them and played with them while enjoying the sun!

The last weeks.

They all develop well and are very playfull and full of life. All got checked by the vet and got their vaccins etc. The weather was not very good, so we did not take much pictures. A couple of days before they all went to the new owners we took some showpictures. Thank you Wendy, for the help!

The puppies are leaving.. We wish Amie, Assad and Ace and their new owners all the best.