In memoriam

27-08-1996 - 24-01-2004 / COD: DCM

"In loving memory"

Duke was our first Dobermann and it was his character and passion for life that caused our love for the breed.
He lived his life to the fullest, enjoyed every moment of it. Always willing to play, go for walks in the forest or ran together with me when I would go horse riding with our mare Marjolein.

We will never forget him, he was a true friend to all who knew him!


Floyd von Adel Stolz
01-12-2003 - 21-07-2012 / COD: neck injury due to trauma

"Once In A Lifetime"

Once in a lifetime,
you find a dog so special,
your lives intermingle,
and somehow you know . . .

This is the beginning
of all you have longed for,
a love you can build on,
a love that will grow . . .

Once in a lifetime,
to those who are lucky,
a miracle happens
and dreams all come true--

I know it can happen,
it happened to me, for I've had and found
my "once in a lifetime" dog with you.


Grande Noblesse Amie Ziva
20-03-2010 - 19-03-2015 / COD: DCM

Ziva was the litter sister of our Lemmy and Anouk and was the best friend and shadow of her owner Monique. From the start they were made for eachother. 
Ziva was a sweet loving dog, a copy of her mother but also a real Dobermann.
We were all devistated when she got the diagnoses of DCM.

She will always remain in our hearts!


Grande Noblesse Absolut Ace
20-03-2010 - 06-12-2017 / COD: cancer of the spleen

Ace was also a litterbrother of our Lemmy and Anouk and was a great companion to his owners. Ace moved to France with them when he was an adult dog and had a great life. 

It was a great shock to find out he was full of cancer, what started with the spleen. Together with the owner the decision was made to end his suffering.

Ace is in a better place now!