Unfortunately the breed Dobermann has, like so many other breeds, her own problems concerning the health.
The following diseases are common within the breed and some have to be tested according to the breedingregulations.
There are more diseases within the breed but we decided to write about the most common ones.

- Hip Displasia (HD)
- von Willebrandt disease (vWD)
- Dilated Cardiomyopathie (DCM)

If you deside for a Dobermann and visit a breeder we advise you to always ask about the health test done on the dogs in the kennel, especially the dogs in the breedingprogram. You should be able to see all healthresults and in case of DCM the tests should not be older then 1 year.
There are several test available for DCM, like proBNP and DNA markertest (for 2 markers) and echo, doppler and 24 hours holter.

Our personal opinion (and from most Cardiologists) a dog should always have done an echo and 24 hours holtertest prior to breeding (both parents, best taken a few months for mating and certainly not older then one year.). Other tests, like proBNP and DNA markertest, are not conclusive.

Ofcourse there is no quarentee the parents and puppies will not get the disease DCM but at this moment it is the only thing responsable breeders can do. Unfortunately there is no bloodline free of this disease but I sincerely hope that in future a full DNA markertest will become available so we can try to restore the health of the breed.