In Memoriam
Floyd von Adel Stolz

1 december 2003 - 21 juli 2012

"Once In A Lifetime"

Once in a lifetime,
you find a dog so special,
your lives intermingle,
and somehow you know . . .

This is the beginning
of all you have longed for,
a love you can build on,
a love that will grow . . .

Once in a lifetime,
to those who are lucky,
a miracle happens
and dreams all come true--

I know it can happen,
it happened to me, for I've had and found
my "once in a lifetime" dog with you.


Floyd von Adel Stolz

Geburtstag: 1 Dezember 2003
N.H.S.B. 2484405
V: Graaf Vito van Neêrlands Stam
M: Iris von Adel Stolz

HD - A | PHTVL/PHPV frei | Wobbler keine Auffälligkeiten.

BH | DGT (72,5 Punkten von 75)
DKT - A (98 Punkten von 100)
ZTP (starters) 1B ZG

Ausstellungsergebnisse von Floyd von Adel Stolz:

Datum Ort Klasse Richter Bewertung
2009-06-21 KCM D.V.I.N. Offene Herr A.B. Christensen 3V
2008-08-10 CAC Mönchengladbach Offene Frau H. Assenmacher 2V
2006-02-25 Clubmatch KC Noord-Veluwe Offene Herr J. Kessels 1V
2005-06-26 Clubmatch Trimunt (D.V.I.N.) Zwischen Frau H. Assenmacher 3V
2004-09-12 Clubmatch Trimunt (D.V.I.N.) Jugend Herr J. Hull SG

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