About us

We are Ed and Simone van de Haar and we have a special liking for the 'Dobermann Breed'.

In 1994, during a vacation in England, we met this breed for the first time. Friends of ours, where we stayed for a few days, were the proud owners of two Dobermanns, one male and one female, whom they got from the English Dobermann Rescue. A beautiful couple, friendly and affectionate and at the same time the nobility, pried and imperturbable behaviour what we know and appreciate from this breed.

Two years later our personal situation was changed which meant we could finally have our own Dobermann. Duke came at the age of 12 weeks in our lives. A lovely, spontaneous and most of all loyal male who gave us such pleasure. Unfortunately our Duke died at the age of seven due to Cardiomyopathie.

After Duke, Floyd v. Adel Stolz came, also as a puppy, in our lives. Floyd is a very happy, intelligent, spontaneous and friendly male. The special bond I had with Floyd made him "my once in a Lifetime" dog.
Unfortunately he suffered from neck trauma at the age of seven due to trauma. Floyd lived the last two years of his life happy with his two girls. July 2012 it went down hill with Floyd and we had to make the terrible desicion to let him go.

Early June 2006, Hertogin Ivana v. Olympiastaete came at the age of 8 weeks. She is a very spontaneous, friendly, social and sometimes naughty female. She's very easy going and happy with little things in life and we noticed when our first litter came the best and sweetest mom ever!

End 2009 we drove to Italy to mate Ivana with Argo. With this mating the A litter of Grande Noblesse was a fact. From this litter we kept Anouk. Anouk is a very social, always ready for action female. She represents all we love about this breed!

The litter brother of Anouk, named Argo (Lemmy) came back to us from his previous owners. It was not a difficult desicion to keep Lemmy with us, he is a wonderful male with lots of temperament and kindness, just like his sister!