2 brown females
2 brown males
1 black male.


It. Ch. Argo (LOI 04/85087)        Nl. and Dts. VDH Ch. Hertogin Ivana v. Olympiastaete


Grande Noblesse Always Assad   Grande Noblesse Amie Ziva
Grande Noblesse Amazing Argo   Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika
Grande Noblesse Absolute Ace    

First week:

The first week has past. The puppies are growing fast and all doubled their birth weight. Ivana is a lovely and proud mother who takes such good care of them. After 6 days we clipped their nails for the first time, we don't want them to hurt Ivana.

Second week:

First photoshoot!

Grande Noblesse Amazing Argo  Grande Noblesse Absolute Ace    Grande Noblesse Always Assad
Grande Noblesse Amie Ziva  

Grande Noblesse Anouk Anika

Third week:

The puppies are growing fast and are curious for the world. They started walking and love to play with the toys.

Fourth week:

We had some lovely weather and the puppies went outside. One big adventure and a lot of fun for them and for us ofcourse. Ivana loved it to be outside with them and played with them while enjoying the sun!

Fift week:

The day before they turned 5 weeks our friend Wendy came to visit. It was lovely weather so we took the opportunity to take pictures of the puppies. Their first time showing! We're very proud of Ivana and her kids. Their first experience was one of joy, they loved the meat!

Play time!







Sixth week:

The last few days the weather was very bad so no outside pictures. Ofcourse they went outside for short periods and then quickly iollowing pictures are from an invasion in our livingroom. With 6 weeks they all went to the vet and got their shots and were checked out. One by one fine pups the vet said. After this adventure they took al long nap!

Seventh week:

All got micro chipped and the new owners know their choice. A couple of days before they entered their new life we took some pictures.


End of seventh week:

The puppies are leaving.. We wish Amie, Assad and Ace and their new owners all the best.