About us

We are Ed and Simone van de Haar and we have a special liking for the 'Dobermann Breed'.

In 1994, during a vacation in England, we met this breed for the first time. Friends of ours, where we stayed for a few days, were the proud owners of two Dobermanns, one male and one female, whom they got from the English Dobermann Rescue.

A beautiful couple, friendly and affectionate and at the same time the nobility, pried and imperturbable behaviour what we know and appreciate from this breed.



Proud our Anouk is on the cover of the Dutch Dobermann Club magazine.

News & Updates



Anouk wins veteran class at the LG Siegerschau NRW.



Anouk wins veteran class at the clubshow DVIN 



Anouk wins veteran class at the DVIN clubshow and gaines the title DVIN veteran winster 2018.

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